Blogging in Lockdown Course Launch, April 2021

At the beginning of this year, while we were all still facing an uncertain number of months of lockdown, Haringey Adult Learning Services (HALS) approached me about designing a course that would introduce their learners to the world of blogging, as a means to becoming more connected with their local or an online community, or to boost their personal or work profile online.  

On 2nd March, 2021, Blogging in Lockdown launched with an initial group of eight learners. This four week course introduces participants to blogging and supports them in finding a focus for their writing. Using a five-point template, participants plan and write their first blog posts in workshops designed to guide them through the process. Participants also explore the various avenues available as the next steps to getting their writing online.  

For more information and dates of upcoming Blogging in Lockdown courses, visit:
HALS Webenrol

"Love the art in you."

Caitriona Fitzsimons | 29 Mach, 2021