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Our workshops will introduce you to a variety of creative techniques that have been specially adapted for the writing process.  The workshops are designed to explore creativity through techniques traditionally used to teach drama.   You don’t need any prior experience of writing or drama to participate (and you won’t be required to act!). It’s a fun and innovative approach to embracing the creative writer in you.

The techniques are derived from the methodology of renowned Russian actor and theatre practitioner Konstantin Stanislavski. His ‘system’, The Elementary Grammar of Dramatic Art, inspired the foundations of the movement known as Method Acting, made famous by actors such as Marlon Brando.

Many of the techniques that Stanislavski originally pioneered are fundamental for the writing process too. Every writer relies on a range of creative skills; their imagination, their powers of observation, their understanding of human nature and how to translate that to create compelling characters.

Our aim is to help you to discover techniques that will help you structure a writing process that works for you. Our workshops have a hands-on approach – you acquire the techniques by using them in a collaborative, creative setting.

This style of creative development is beneficial to everyone but can be particularly useful for visual thinkers looking to augment their creative expression.

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