One Fine Morning facilitate a creative workshop for B Consultancy Ltd (February 2018)

In February 2018, we were invited to facilitate a creative workshop for B Consultancy Ltd at Newham College to a group of start-up entrepreneurs.

The focus of the session was to explore how a structure can be used to collect and organise creative ideas. Our creative practitioner, Caitríona Fitzsimons, led a session on Story Development, which involved the group collectively devising a story using a structure to bring all of the elements of the story together.

Only one group participant expressed having experience of creative writing, but everyone in the group engaged with the exercise and made a significant contribution to the session. In just one hour, the group devised a story set in a Barbados farming community in 1990, where an impoverished young woman discovers the identity of her real father – a local landlord.

The group will be able to use the structure in future for structuring content involving storytelling.

The creative workshop ended with a discussion of how a business plan could also be viewed as a structure to collate creative ideas for business planning and marketing.

We really appreciated the positive feedback we received from the participants in the group, highlights of which were:

“Really enjoyed today's workshop, gave me an insight into writing in short form, for a bigger plan.”

“Be yourself, learn what suits you best in terms of learning.”

“I will take all of the experience away with me and apply to my business.”

“Knowing that life is what it takes.”

Janice Beckles, Principle Trainer at B Consultancy Ltd, also shared this fantastic testimonial with us. We are super chuffed!  

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